Keep it DOPE
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  1. Le Dude
    Jessica Sherfield spune

    Tbh I’m just stuck at 2:40 oh lawd 😱😱😱😱

  2. Le Dude
    Heverton thiago spune

    Retão Jaraguá. Vídeo. YouTube top

  3. Le Dude
    Buck Thrusthorn spune

    Timberland most certainly comes up with his beats in OuterSpace!

  4. Le Dude
    Russell Mills spune

    this track came out in 2004 the year my son was born and this track is fire shout out to timberland and ll cool j and on a side note I have a YouTube channel type in Russell mills may 22, 2017

  5. Le Dude
    David Rivera spune

    2017 still a club fav

  6. Le Dude
    magno serafim spune

    Louco muito louco

  7. Le Dude
    Blessing Itai Sithole spune

    gone are the days when the girls butts used to be normal and you could actually hear what the person is singing…. we here 2017

  8. Le Dude
    Kam Mike spune

    LL is the Dwayne The Rock Johnson of Hip-Hop

  9. Le Dude
    Kam Mike spune

    Dope track by Marion

  10. Le Dude
    Pastor Tits spune

    Everybody who was in the studio when LL recorded this needs to be shot for allowing him to spit these trash ass rhymes.

  11. Le Dude
    Elijah Demon Kelley spune

    HeadSprung by Rapp Artist My Dad and Father LL Cool J and I'm Sprung by Rapp Artist T-Pain……

  12. Le Dude
    EndOfTheNight spune

    LL Cool J is a fucking legend!!

  13. Le Dude
    Nohely9758 spune

    Omg he's just so freaking sexy. And them lips tho😍😍😍😍

  14. Le Dude
    Buzz Batson spune


  15. Le Dude
    Rico Roberts spune

    😅😆👌 🤘😛😜👆


  16. Le Dude
    MAD BAD spune


  17. Le Dude
    BluntRecordsTMthreebck corporation r. # 34 spune

    Sound like radio

  18. Le Dude
    DJIP3SCLIPS spune

    Still bumping this song in 2017!!!!

  19. Le Dude
    Airwick spune

    Lmfto what the fuck last time I saw this music video I could've swear it was a white guy rapping not LL Cool J

  20. Le Dude
    Andiee Martinez spune

    These views are for amateurs lol. So little views

  21. Le Dude
    Tyler Louis Kuretich spune

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  22. Le Dude
    Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell spune

    BB g hg he g he has had had you you guys hg you

  23. Le Dude
    Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell spune

    Yesb g hu huh hhhhhhuhhhhhhh g g how by

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