Keep it DOPE
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  1. Le Dude
    Strawberry_Cake_123 spune

    I was like 9 years old when this song came out , Had NO idea what they're meaning and it was my fav song … Now I'm like ; WTF did I just listened to at that time ? XDD

  2. Le Dude
    Irish Tea spune

    " I wanna boom bang bang with ur body " gives it away what it's about but still luv the song!!!

  3. Le Dude
    Mon Gil spune

    Bump bumps ❤️ September 2017. Yeeah! Who else?

  4. Le Dude
    Devil Girl spune

    This song makes me cry😿😭

  5. Le Dude
    Ranz Rox spune

    Anyone sep 2017 ? 😂

  6. Le Dude
    MrCrash 9 spune

    2018 ?

  7. Le Dude
    Charity Wairimu spune

    I love his height

  8. Le Dude
    WyvernX12 spune

    I was 20 when this song came out. This was a dang good song back then and still a great song to this day!!!!

  9. Le Dude
    Ok Ok Saluut Omri spune

    2017 ya des gens

  10. Le Dude
    Gao - Fabi spune

    Most sexiest deagle clip?

  11. Le Dude
    Kanejesux YT spune


  12. Le Dude
    DiluNilutha Wijesekera spune

    I love this songs

  13. Le Dude
    Frank Frank spune
  14. Le Dude
    david lemus spune

    Amo esta canción desde la primera vez q lo escuche 💜💙

  15. Le Dude
    Luke Lodde spune

    Great perfect catchy cool song

  16. Le Dude
    World Wide spune

    Am i the only one who understood the lyrics when i was a kid 😂

  17. Le Dude
    Tansu Köse spune

    Ayyy çok güzel şarkı ya bayıldım 🤗

  18. Le Dude
    E h e spune

    God this was my LoL song :')

  19. Le Dude
    Claude Santos spune

    Mohobi is from congo?

  20. Le Dude
    Chantal Guerin spune


  21. Le Dude
    isagonza 9 spune


  22. Le Dude
    Yarch spune

    sexy deagle clip anyone?

  23. Le Dude
    Sophie K spune

    This song gives me anxiety for some reason

  24. Le Dude
    Maria Blag spune

    Who is listening in 2017?

  25. Le Dude
    Joeysevengames spune

    funny how 99% of the latest comments are people asking 2017? who is watchting 2017 #2017 who is here 2017 on every fucking music video

  26. Le Dude
    Eeem spune

    Kevla bra musikk.

  27. Le Dude
    Jessica Pelletier spune

    J adore

  28. Le Dude
    neveah. spune

    why are my childhood songs dirty af.

  29. Le Dude
    Lilly&Melo spune

    Rip childhood

  30. Le Dude
    Beautiful outside Vlogs spune

    What am I seeing I'm 10 AND I UNDERSTAND IT 😫😫😫

  31. Le Dude
    Fallen Angel spune

    loving this in 2017 😍🖒🎵🎶🎶

  32. Le Dude
    Anoushka Kattoo spune

    ❤❤❤❤….still love this song

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